Vleis & Theo | Engaged

Vleis contacted me a while ago after seeing his friends photos on my blog (see here) he also just recently got engaged and asked if I could take some photos of him and Theo.

I have never laughed so much at a session like I did with these two. Fun couple with great wardrobe ideas we did the shoot at their home in Centurion.

Lyndall from Calmer Beauty did the make up and as always did a great job she was also the behind the scenes iphonographer and loved every minute of it 🙂

Vleis_Theo_Engagement-5 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-6 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-9 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-11 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-14 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-17 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-21 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-24 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-27 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-29 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-35 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-34 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-41 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-42 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-44 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-46 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-50 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-54 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-55 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-58 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-62 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-65 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-69 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-72 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-73 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-75 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-79 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-81 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-82 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-85 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-88 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-91 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-92 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-96 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-100 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-108 Vleis_Theo_Engagement-112


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