Tshepiso & Nevelle | Engaged

Tshepiso & Nevelle will be getting married this Saturday at a traditional service and this will be my first to photograph! I am quite excited to the normal white weddings we shoot. Tshepiso are friends with Thabo & Mo the engagement & wedding i posted recently and they loved the photos and asked if I can be their photographer. Such a cool compliment to be referred from your own photos 🙂

Here are some of their engagement photos done at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens 

Tshepiso_Nevelle_Engaged-1 Tshepiso_Nevelle_Engaged-5 Tshepiso_Nevelle_Engaged-11 Tshepiso_Nevelle_Engaged-14 Tshepiso_Nevelle_Engaged-15 Tshepiso_Nevelle_Engaged-19 Tshepiso_Nevelle_Engaged-21 Tshepiso_Nevelle_Engaged-26 Tshepiso_Nevelle_Engaged-27 Tshepiso_Nevelle_Engaged-30 Tshepiso_Nevelle_Engaged-34 Tshepiso_Nevelle_Engaged-32 Tshepiso_Nevelle_Engaged-39

3 thoughts on “Tshepiso & Nevelle | Engaged”

  1. Eish! Yah Neh lebantle la tshwanelana, sheba smile seo. What a nice couple. I wish you guys a happy loving life for the rest of your life. May Almighty God be with .Lilililililililili!!!!! Makoti ke dinako wa jeka jeka mokoti wa gana naa!!!

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