Paige | Baby Shoot

I did Kelly & Darren’s Maternity Shoot in October so I was really excited when Kelly contacted me for the baby shoot.

Too sweet for words little Paige was great in front of the camera. Happy to have such loving clients to come back and let me capture these precious moments for them.

paige.newborn-1 paige.newborn-13 paige.newborn-2 paige.newborn-12 paige.newborn-6 paige.newborn-15 paige.newborn-18 paige.newborn-45 paige.newborn-49 paige.newborn-48 paige.newborn-29-2 paige.newborn-33 paige.newborn-34 paige.newborn-37 paige.newborn-41 paige.newborn-28 paige.newborn-55-2 paige.newborn-62-2

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