Neil & Kendra | Wedding

This was such a fun couple to photograph and I loved every minute of their wedding on the 16 December 2014. Ceremony at Trinity Methodist Church in Linden and the Reception was held at Marks Park. Both love tennis and the outdoors and you will see the fun we had with the couple shoot. Neil & Kendra thank you for allowing me to capture these special moments of your new life together and Thank you for remembering Graeme like you did in your speech and I know for a fact he would have had the best time if he was here.

Some of the favourites of the day and I hope you enjoy them.

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6 thoughts on “Neil & Kendra | Wedding”

  1. What a wonderful set of photographs. You both had a wonderful day! Kendra thank you for carrying the Bible with you to the altar. What a special thing to do!!

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