Meri & Nolan | Melrose Arch Engagement

Meri & Nolan wanted to do a shoot at Melrose Arch with some great buildings in the background and awesome light, so we ventured out one winters morning and it was awesome! Freezing for poor Meri & Nolan but they really were great to photograph.

Excited for their wedding in September!

Meri_Nolan_MelroseArchEshoot-2 Meri_Nolan_MelroseArchEshoot-24 Meri_Nolan_MelroseArchEshoot-22 Meri_Nolan_MelroseArchEshoot-14 Meri_Nolan_MelroseArchEshoot-17 Meri_Nolan_MelroseArchEshoot-8 Meri_Nolan_MelroseArchEshoot-4 Meri_Nolan_MelroseArchEshoot-10 Meri_Nolan_MelroseArchEshoot-11 Meri_Nolan_MelroseArchEshoot-26 Meri_Nolan_MelroseArchEshoot-28 Meri_Nolan_MelroseArchEshoot-30 Meri_Nolan_MelroseArchEshoot-35 Meri_Nolan_MelroseArchEshoot-43 meri&nolan-1 Meri_Nolan_MelroseArchEshoot-42

8 thoughts on “Meri & Nolan | Melrose Arch Engagement”

  1. Stunning verby Meri en Nols. Jul is soooo n beautiful paartjie. So bly vir julle. STUNNING FOTOGRAFIE!!!!!!

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