Charlene & Andre|Kloofzicht Wedding

I met Charlene & Andre at a Marriage Meander morning last year July where they won a couple shoot with me! Just loved this gorgeous

Couple and we set off to Irene Dairy Farm where we did their couple shoot. Couple of weeks later they booked me for their wedding which

happened to be the same day as my Birthday! 16 August will always have a special meaning for me knowing I could capture memories for them

and i will never forget their anniversary now lol! We did their engagement shoot at Kloofzicht where they got married see post here.

A big Thank you to Corinna Tannian Photography for assisting me and taking the coolest groom photos!

Here is some highlights!

charlene.andre-2 charlene.andre-11 charlene.andre-5 charlene.andre-21 charlene.andre-32 charlene.andre-41 charlene.andre-54 charlene.andrenew-2 charlene.andre-18 charlene.andre-19 charlene.andre-23 charlene.andre-26 charlene.andre-30 charlene.andre-46 charlene.andre-66 charlene.andre-62 charlene.andre-67 charlene.andre-76 charlene.andre-70 charlene.andre-72 charlene.andre-92 charlene.andre-90 charlene.andre-101 charlene.andre-98 charlene.andre-102 charlene.andre-103 charlene.andre-14 charlene.andre-113 charlene.andre-116 charlene.andre-119 charlene.andre-117 charlene.andre-122

charlene.andre-126 charlene.andre-127 charlene.andre-128 charlene.andre-129 charlene.andre-130 charlene.andrenew-3 charlene.andrenew-4 charlene.andrenew-6 charlene.andrenew-5 charlene.andrenew-8 charlene.andre-147 charlene.andre-154 charlene.andre-151 charlene.andre-152 charlene.andre-158 charlene.andre-163 charlene.andre-170 charlene.andre-157

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